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Paper pokemon

Just look at that mudkip 8D



I’m opening up stamp commissions! These are hand-carved rubber blocks with designs by me, and you can also opt for an original design!

The above are samples of what I have done, with an idea of how much they would cost! Here is more information on pricing:

Once you purchase a stamp from me, the base price kicks in! This is for an unmounted stamp of any design (not commissioned by other people) that you currently see on my tumblr, which you can find under my stamp carving tag. They are all my own designs, which means they aren’t available elsewhere.

Say you want your very own one-of-a-kind stamp! I’d be happy to help you with that. Sometimes people come to me with a very clear idea of what they want, and sometimes they don’t. Since the amount of work varies a fair bit between the two, there will be different charges. In both cases, I will show you a drawn version of your stamp and seek your approval before going ahead to carve.

    This is for commissioned designs, but when you have a very clear idea of the design you’d like. This means you show me the design you’d like, and I’ll stick very closely to your image. I will send you a redrawn image before I proceed. Redrawing it gives me a good idea of the differences there may be in your stamp as compared to the image you provide for me.
    This is for commissioned designs, but for when you have only a vague idea of what you want. You can tell me “I want a stamp of a cat”, and I will get back to you with several proposed designs like so. It’s a fair bit of work, because not only do I sketch designs, I also ink in designs to ensure that I give a clear idea of how the stamp would look like if you pick it. However I do enjoy doing this (as someone who used to work as a graphic designer) so I’m keeping prices low.

Want your name carved on the stamp along with the picture? Words are a bit tedious for handcarving, but I can do it. Maximum of about 12 - 15 letters.

Mounts are now available! This means that your stamp will come with a wooden backing. Please check this post for photos and information on mounts.

If you don’t own a stamp pad, I can provide a small one for you! This also makes a convenient gift addition for your friends or family, if you’d like to commission a personalized stamp for someone.

If you’d like to go all out and surprise someone with a personalized stamp, I can help you do this by packing your stamp and a stamp pad in a cute little wooden box! You can add a personalized note, too. Please check this post for a sample of how it looks like.

SHIPPING (varying prices)
If your shipping address is in the United States, shipping would cost an additional USD$4.
If your shipping address is elsewhere, shipping would cost an additional USD$8. Sorry, it’s pricey to ship overseas!

So say you want to surprise someone with a commissioned stamp! You want the full works: Commissioned stamp design with design work, with their name on it, mounted, with a stamp pad and packaged up. Ordinarily this would cost $44 (+ shipping price), but I will do it for $40 (+ shipping price)!

Email me at and give me an idea of what you’d like! I’ll give you a breakdown of costs, and once we’re agreeable and I receive payment via Paypal WE DOIN’ THIS.

I would do my absolute best to communicate regarding your purchase! Before I send out any stamps I will show it to you to make sure you like it. At any point in time, please feel free to ask me any questions. My turnaround time has been fairly good and I would be able to send out a stamp within a week if we have decided on a design!

The stamps are typically about 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches, sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller (mostly smaller). They will likely look stained when they get to you, but that’s because I test them out to ensure they look good and to show it to you. Don’t worry about it; I have switched colours on my stamps and that doesn’t muck up my stamps or my stamp pad.

Sometimes when I am in a good mood I may include an additional tiny stamp!

I reserve the right to decline a commission for no reason whatsoever. (ie There is a high chance I won’t make penis stamps.)

I think that’s about it? That’s about it! Any signal boosting would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time :D

I have yet to decide on a charity organisation to donate to, but if I haven’t decided by the end of the month I will donate to Seattle Humane Society, where I currently volunteer at. I know I said human trafficking before, and I’m still open to that, so if you have an organisation you would recommend for me to take a look at, feel free to email me or drop me a note in my Ask Box!


Just finished up a commission for Synnesai, who was kind enough to let me put up the completed stamp and the designs that I drew up for her!

If you’re wondering why the stamp looks less stained compared to my previous photos, it’s because I bought and tried out a water-based stamp pad this time. Water-based stamp pads clean off much more easily than chalk-based stamp pads (which I was using previously), so I’m going to start using them to test out commissioned stamps.

To everyone that has reblogged or shared my commissions post, thank you! The response has been heartening; I’m glad that people are interested in my work. I’m making plans to offer a gift option for people who would like to commission stamps for their friends and family. Prices for existing options may change as well, as I gain a better idea of the work involved in the entire process. Once I have everything sorted out, I’ll put an update up!

If you’re interested in getting yourself a personalized stamp, my commissions post can be found here.



a group of weasels can be called a confusion

it is a confusion of baby weasels

o o o o o h my god

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Holly Wilmeth’s Divine Nature

This project is a series of images that represents the crossroad where woman meets the divine spirit of nature in the form of animals, and where she embraces it. There’s a long history in shamanic traditions and ancient cultures where humans have imbued themselves with the special qualities that animals have and their relationship to the world. Eating a part of the animal, or wearing a part of the animal, or using the animal as a totem deeply permeates us with their special powers. We want to come back to that state of grace where we are aligned with nature as animals are in the right relationship with their environment.”—Holly Wilmeth

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Holly Wilmeth


Chris B. Murray -The Oracle

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